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Mr. Slim M-Series - Air Conditioners

Single Split Wall AC

Product Description

MS/MU Wall-mounted Non-Inverter Air Conditioner Systems, Single-Room Wall-Mounted Ductless A/C Lineup (Cooling Only), (9500 to 12000 Btu/h air conditioners)


  • Mini-Split, ductless air conditioners
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Ideal for applications such as Bedrooms, bonus rooms in warm climates and  Video monitoring room

MSY/MUY Wall-mounted INVERTER Air Conditioner Systems

Ductless Air Conditioners Toronto

Product Description

Single-Room Wall-Mounted Ductless A/C Lineup (Cooling Only)(9000 to 34600 Btu/h air conditioners)


  • Mini-Split, ductless air conditioners
  • INVERTER-driven compressor
  • Wireless remote controller
  • WIDE Vane button for a wider angle of air flow, 150° from left to right (on GA24/D30/D36 models)
  • Ideal for applications such as: Bedrooms, garages and bonus rooms in warm climates

Other available Models are

Indoor Unit item Item Name Outdoor Unit Cooling Rated Capacity Cooling Capacity Range Cooling Total Input Cooling Energy Efficiency
MSY-GE09NA Wall-Mounted Inverter Air Conditioners MUY-GE09NA 9000 Btu/hr 3800-12200 Btu/hr 660 (205-1200) W 21.0 SEER
MSY-GE12NA Wall-Mounted Inverter Air Conditioners MUY-GE12NA 12000 Btu/hr 3800-13600 Btu/hr 960 (205-1300) W 20.5 SEER
MSY-GE15NA Wall-Mounted Inverter Air Conditioners MUY-GE15NA 14000 Btu/hr 3100-18200 Btu/hr 1080 (160-2000) W 21.0 SEER
MSY-GE18NA Wall-Mounted Inverter Air Conditioners MUY-GE18NA 17200 Btu/hr 3700-18700 Btu/hr 1640 (240-2070) W 19.2 SEER
MSY-GA24NA Wall-Mounted Inverter Air Conditioners MUY-GA24NA 22000 Btu/hr 4400-22000 Btu/hr 2500 (270-2500) W 17.5 SEER
MSY-D30NA Wall-Mounted Inverter Air Conditioners MUY-D30NA 30700 Btu/hr 9800-30700 Btu/hr 3380 (620-3380) W 16.0 SEER
MSY-D36NA Wall-Mounted Inverter Air Conditioners MUY-D36NA 34600 Btu/hr 9800-34600 Btu/hr 4240 (620-4240) W 15.1 SEER

Ductless Split Systems

Product Description

Our ductless system is simple, reliable and affordable. Across the world, we are committed to bringing daily comfort into every facet of your lives. Whether it is your home, your child's school, or your local grocery store, ComfortStar is there to ensure a pleasant environment, regardless of the climate.


  • Active carbon electrostatic fibre filter to improve the indoor air quality
  • Auto restart lets unit keep previous settings during power failures
  • Bullet sleep mode creates a more comfortable environment throughout the night
  • Error code display for easy troubleshooting

Brand we repair and service

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